We’re the Experts Who Brought Foot Care to Another Level

Face it, we spend more money than we can imagine on making our bodies look great, but the question is… why don’t we ever think about what’s going on below the ankles? Day in and day out, your feet take more pounding and abuse than any other part of the body, and I say that it’s time – time that you take great care of those two very important assets.

In 2008, the amazing Ped Egg was born out of a real need to make your feet look and feel beautiful. Rough, dry, cracked feet feel awful and look even worse, and in my research, I found that so many people felt this was a big area of concern. In my searches, I found that for years, women in Europe would actually use cheese graters as a remedy to smooth out their heels and the balls of their feet. Consulting with foot care experts, I utilized the idea behind that simple method and created the first generation Ped Egg – a safe and extremely effective way to make your feet look great and feel even better. With over 50 million Ped Eggs sold worldwide, I know I’m doing something very right.

And now, I introduce the new generation of foot care products, including the Ped Egg Powerball, the pedicure powerhouse that buffs away calluses and rough, dry, cracked skin with ease. Isn’t it time you looked great and felt confident – below the ankles – thanks to my Ped Egg family of foot beautifying products.

AJ Khubani, Founder & CEO